Our plan to evolve the TendieSwap ecosystem!

TendieSwap Tentative Roadmap

As we are a new project, hard deadlines for completion of items are hard to lockdown. We have a lot of plans and want to share with you what we have in store for this year!
Check it out below:

Already Launched:

  • P2P Betting Feature
    • P2P betting on various binary or ternary events with crypto in a fair and decentralized way.
  • Decentralized Exchange
    • Enabling users to buy and sell our native token against various BEP-20 tokens.
  • Farming & Staking
    • Farm & Stake your TENDIE and earn attractive yield.
  • Prediction Market
    • Fun and high yielding prediction market to bet on short term price movement of BNB, BTC and other popular coins.

Coming Later This Year:

  • TendieFarms
    • Redistribution of Fees generated by the protocol to $TENDIE holders through non-native Farms. Stake or Farm $TENDIE to receive BNB and/or MATIC.
  • TendieDAO
    • The DAO will grant $TENDIE holders the ability to vote to drive decision making for the TendieSwap Protocol.
  • DAM (Decentralized Asset Management)
    • A new revolutionary DAO run project that will include the community along with the $TENDIE board of advisors, to build a community run hedge fund.
  • ITO (Initial Tendie Offerings
    • New projects can approach us to use our platform for their launch. $TENDIE holders will earn the resulting fees and also have early access to the pre-sales.

Major additional add-ons to our Roadmap:

  • UI/UX Overhaul
    • Simpler, sexier and more sophisticated UI/UX to highlight our revolutionary offering.
  • Polygon Bridge
    • Expanding our offering into the fast growing Polygon network
  • Expanded Prediction Market capabilities
  • Borrowing & Lending
    • P2P lending and borrowing platform powered by AI.
  • CEX listings and further partnerships with reputable DeFI projects