Staking Pools

What are Buckets?

TendieSwap Buckets are the simplest way to earn yield on your TENDIE tokens. Stake TENDIE, earn Tendie. Growing your getting more TENDIE in your bucket is really that easy.

What is the future of Buckets?

The TENDIE token aims to redistribute some of the fees generated from the TendieSwap protocol back to tendie holders. Buckets that pay out non-native token rewards will be the main tool that will be used to redistribute fees to token holders. In future iterations of the protocol you will be able to stake tendie and earn non-native tokens.

Non-Native Rewards and Buckets?

In the non native-rewards buckets, tokens such as BNB.BTC,ETH,DOGE,BUSD,USDT, and USDC may be used as rewards for people who stake Tendie. Fees for accessing these pools may be charged, fees collected from these pools will be used for burns and protocol development.

Pool Contract Addresses